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The Accounts Payable Certification Programs
developed and administered by
IOFM and The Accounts Payable Network (TAPN)
Accounts Payable Managers, Staff, and Departments

Dedicated to the highest level of payables management in businesses worldwide, and the professional advancement of achieving members of the payables community.

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The TAPN/IOFM Accounts Payable Certification Programs were established to disseminate information to the accounts payable professional as well as raise the level of awareness in the rest of the financial and accounting community of the wide diversity of knowledge necessary to work in accounts payable.

The APS and APM set the standard in the profession and are symbols of individual excellence. They signify that an individual has demonstrated the knowledge and skills required to excel in today’s complex business environment. Similarly, the APD certification conveys the message of superior performance at the accounts payable department level, both inside and outside the organization.

APM and APS Certifications are open to all persons and departments in payables. The certification is administered by IOFM and The Accounts Payable Network, and their selected agents, to those who: meet the eligibility requirements for admission to the examination as set forth in the certification handbook; successfully complete the examination; and maintain continuing professional education standards. Certification is granted for a two-year period, automatically renewable for those who continue to meet these standards.


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